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Everybody knows the Catholic Church is uniquely dangerous for kids, right?

Since the mid-1980s, insurance companies have offered sexual misconduct coverage as a rider on liability insurance, and their own studies indicate that Catholic churches are not higher risk than other organizations… Insurance companies that cover all denominations…[do] not charge Catholic churches higher premiums. “We don’t see vast differences in the incidence rate between one denomination and another. It’s pretty even across the denominations. It’s been that way for decades.” – Sarah Buckley, assistant vice president of corporate communications for the Guide One Center for Risk Management

Priestly abuse was caused by a male only, celibate priesthood.

According to a 2004 study by the US Department of Education, about 10% of American Public School students have been sexually abused by teachers, married and single, male and female. Sexual abuse is, in fact, something that occurs in every institution where adults and children have contact with one another. The key is neither celibacy nor maleness, but the fact that those sexually attracted to children gravitate to professions where contact with them is likely: Churches, Little League, Scouting, schools both public and private, soccer clubs, etc.

The Catholic Church has been unique in the annals of American crime in its commitment to protecting abusers and endangering victims.

The Catholic Church has been unique in the annals of institutional reform in the speed and thoroughness with which its institutional reforms have been undertaken, reducing the 10,667 allegations made against 4,392 priests between 1950 and 2002 to a grand total of six allegations by 2009–and dealing swiftly with those allegations in full compliance with US law. Meanwhile, a 2014 followup study on sexual abuse by the US Department of Education had to rely on the statistics of the 2004 study because nobody at the US Department of Education had bothered to find out what, if any, steps had been taken to reduce the staggering 10% abuse rate in our schools!

American media are valiantly committed to the protection of sexual abuse victims, no matter who the perpetrator, no matter what the cost.

American media have covered the priest abuse scandal in vast disproportion to abuse in other professions, particularly their own.  Moreover, they have often covered up and downplayed sexual abuse by such figures as Bill Cosby or Roman Polanski by declaring it, in the word of Whoopi Goldberg, “not rape rape”.

Our society has fixed the problem of sexual abuse by placing the Catholic Church under close watch.

Our society has foolishly blinded itself to rampant sexual abuse that still occurs to ten percent of our public schools, still afflicts numerous other sports institutions, and still happens in private schools, smaller churches, and other religious traditions–all while we continue to attack the one institution that has actually provided an astonishing successful template for self-reform.

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